Calen Rayne has an MFA in Writing and Poetics from the Jack Kerouac School of Disembodied Poetics at Naropa University in Boulder, Colorado. Calen studied with many of the great writers of our time, including Allen Ginsberg, in Naropa’s program. Calen also taught a workshop on haiku during the Naropa Summer Writing Program. He presents workshops on haiku and creative writing.

Hopefully you will enjoy and be inspired by these, made available to you in an easy digital format at the tip of your fingers in any tablet, computer or smartphone. More e-chapbooks will be made available soon on this website, all e-books filled with Haikus, unique photographs, hierograms and some of Calen’s portal paintings.

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wisdom tabernacle e-Book

Having traveled around the world to work with different energy fields, using techniques learned while studying with teachers and healers of many world wisdom traditions, it is apparent that these fields are interconnected It is possible to discern energy patterns at the Chartres Cathedral in France that have the same vibration and resonance as energy fields at Stonehenge, Carnac, Enchanted Rock in Texas, Tikal, Guatemala at the North Acropolis, Serpent Mound in Ohio and Looking Glass Rock in North Carolina. I have found similar vibration and resonance readings at other sites in Nepal, Japan, Latin America, Europe and North America. I believe these energy fields are born of a larger energy template that I refer to as Wisdom Tabernacle. I believe one can enter Wisdom Tabernacle and experience energy fields of other persons by coming into resonance with their vibration. I believe that what some people refer to as “past-life experiences” are simply journeys to Wisdom Tabernacle where a person comes into resonance with a particular harmonic or vibration that allows them to experience certain aspects of another person’s life journey. Enter Wisdom Tabernacle and share a young Buddhist Monk’s experience as described in an epic poem, Eye of Nature: A Monk’s Journey.

This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device.

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portal art paintings

Calen has developed a painting style drawn from elements of abstract expressionism and Asian brushstroke works.  Calen uses Chinese and Japanese brushes, combined with acrylic paints, to generate what he refers to as “portal paintings,” designed to draw viewer’s attention into a three dimensional space where they  become immersed in an interactive experience with a collection of energetic voices. A canvas is first prepared with an underlying energetic using geometric symbols, and then colors are applied with a series of individual brush strokes, with layer upon layer of paint being added until painting reaches a pre-determined vibration as determined by a technique known as vibrational radiesthesia. Calen then sounds the final image with tones from a 625 year old Himalayan singing bowl, which has traveled to numerous sacred sites around the world, to imbed one final voice .

There are three methods of acquiring a portal painting:

First, one can view the current gallery of paintings and choose one that resonates with them. Second, Calen will choose a painting  from a group of his paintings  through vibrational radiesthesia methodology, matching up purchaser’s resonance with a painting of similar resonance. Third, you can choose a size of painting and three non-primary colors, and Calen will produce an original painting based on those specific criteria on either a regular paint canvas or on a canvas board. Access the gallery in order to have more information about sizes, prices and to see the art work.

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hierogram notecards

A hierogram is a sacred inscription or symbol. Literally meaning sacred writing, hierogram comes from Greek hieros, describing something holy or divine, and -gramma, describing something written or drawn. Each hierogram is created by hand using the contemplative brush painting method pioneered by Calen, thus each piece is unique and resonates with the energy of a chosen symbol. I pair each hierogram with a carefully selected quote to complement this resonance. Hierograms communicate with us at the archetypal level, and like dream symbols, hierograms touch us on the physical, emotional, psychological, cognitive and spiritual planes. The hierograms shown here represent the universal signs of life, described by Angeles Arrien in her book Signs of Life: The circle symbolizes wholeness, the square indicates stability, the triangle represents goals and dreams, the cross stands for relationship, and the spiral means growth. These five symbols were believed to hold similar meanings actross numerous ancient cultures.

Perfect for your holidays’ greetings or as a gift since they are suitable for framing, hand-painted in a 5×7 cardstock they are indeed a unique collectible work of art. Color and form will vary as it only happens in one of a kind art piece. The inside is left blank for your personalised message. Please note that every hierogram is a handmade and original work of art and each notecard is sounded by a himalayan singing bowl to bring symbol and quote into balance and harmony. You can also get the collectible full “15 Theme Collection” for the a special price. A variety of symbols, special quotes or messages to match your purpose or theme, for a wedding or special event for example, can be made available upon request. Allow up to two weeks for delivery.

Themes: peace, prayer, dreams, painting, Buddha, education, happiness, blessings, geometry, love, education, music, poetry, rumi, wisdom, nature, spirit, friends, dance, etc.

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educational opportunities

Calen and spouse Jini Rayne, who is trained and in feng shui and permaculture offer a number of immersive learning opportunities on a wide range of subject material. Workshops range from 3 hours to week long seminars.

Topics might include vibrational radiesthesia (dowsing), space energetics, feng shui, space clearing, use of ritual objects and altars, poetry and haiku, contemplative brush and heirograms, labyrinth energetics and construction.

Dates for Spring/Summer 2019 will be made available soon.

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Unlike a maze, the labyrinth has only one path. There are no tricks to it and no dead ends. A maze presents a puzzle to be solved, while the labyrinth is a single path that spirals to the center and returns by the same path. Walking the labyrinth can be a source of solace and can quiet a distracted or overactive mind. Each labyrinth experience is different. The labyrinth meets you where you are. The labyrinth offers you a metaphor for the path of life, so whatever your experience, pay attention to your inner wisdom. The simplicity of the labyrinth veils a hidden geometric pattern that is activated by proper space preparation and precise alignment with the natural elements and earth energies where it is placed.  In addition to labyrinths, Calen works with a variety of sacred stone features and dry scapes, including menhirs, cromlechs, cairns, runes, ishi gardens and planters.

design services

Labyrinth design and construction begins with an assessment of the landscape and a thorough understanding of the goals of the property owner. We take a close look at key factors that influence labyrinth placement, integrating your labyrinth with its environment to bring the utmost harmony to your space. Our vision is to bring forth a labyrinth that will anchor your space and your well-being.

Calen works in partnership with Jini Rayne and Ted Carter as co-founders of Sacred Landscapes.

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spiritual exploration

Calen offers one-on-one conversations with an emphasis on Spiritual Exploration, similar to Spiritual Direction, but with primary focus to nurture a person’s spiritual journey and life path already in motion. Drawing from mathematical principles based on sacred numbers and Kabalarian philosophy, initial goal is determine where one is on their life path energetically with relation to sacred number, and share specific goals and tools to complement and inform one’s journey. Object is not to “direct” one’s spiritual path, but to bring a new vision of what current path is, and share teachings and techniques from world wisdom traditions that might be beneficial additions to one’s “tool box.” Creative expression is very important, so Calen shares labyrinth exercises, sacred writing, collage, ritual objects, sacred altars and contemplative brush practices as part of this exploration process. Appointments may be in person or through various electronic platforms.

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unitarian universalism

Unitarians and Universalists have traditions hundreds of years old. The name Unitarian originally came from the belief in the “unity” of God rather than a Trinity. The name Universalism originated with the belief in “universal” salvation, the idea that everyone will be saved and no one is eternally damned. Unitarians and Universalists merged in 1961. Contemporary Unitarian Universalism has no creed and is an alternative to creed-based religions. The most fundamental of its principles is individual freedom of religious belief.

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worship services

Rev. Dr. Rayne is a member of the UU Society of Community Ministries.
With his Pentecostal/Southern Baptist roots, Calen has developed a presentation that some have referred to as “Evangelical UU.” Worship services speak to our UU Principles and topics suggested by the host congregation. Most gospel hour services include 4-6 pieces of music, and the host church is welcome and encouraged to provide singers for the presentation. The Rev. Dr. Calen Rayne presents interactive worship services in diverse topics, including “old Time Buddhist Gospel Hour,” for Unitarian Universalist congregations of all sizes, weaving teachings from ancient teachings with common sense answers and approaches to some of the more profound questions raised by our rapidly changing society.

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other streams

Resources that may be of of interest as you continue your journey.

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